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A selection of video material from CRANN is provided below. All videos can be viewed directly from our YouTube channel.

World's Smallest Shamrock

AMBER, Ireland's national materials science centre has etched a nano sized shamrock whose stem is approximately 200,000 times smaller than a grain of salt. The shamrock, 500 of which could fit side by side on a single human hair, has been etched on to a Trinity College Dublin silver lapel pin. The pin will be presented to the recipient of the SFI St Patrick's Day Science Medal on 13th March 2014 in Washington DC at The Wild Geese Network of Irish Scientists' by Prof Michael Morris, AMBER Principal Investigator. The shamrock was etched using AMBER's Helium Ion Microscope which is the only one in Ireland and one of only a handful in Europe.

AMBER Launch

Highlights of the launch of Science Foundation Ireland's (SFI) research centre, AMBER (Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research) in Croke Park, Dublin, October 24th 2013. AMBER is an academic-industry collaboration bringing together researchers from Trinity College Dublin (TCD), Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) and University College Cork (UCC). The partnership between leading researchers in material science and industry aims to develop new materials and devices for a range of sectors, particularly the ICT, medical devices and industrial technology sectors.

CRANN Celebrates 10 Years

Video celebrating CRANN's 10 years of science innovation and impact

CRANN - The world's smallest birthday cake

CRANN's nano birthday cake for our 10 year celebrations The birthday cake is 500 nm tall - 2,000 times smaller then the width of a full stop! Watch the video in high quality on YouTube


Overview of CRANN and what we do

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