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Trinity College Dublin

Reports and Downloads

CRANN has produced a number of written documents and video material to communicate the work we do with all our stakeholders, including government bodies, academic and industry partners, school students, teachers and members of the general public

Public Reports & General Information

CRANN Report 2009-2010
9.9 MB PDF
Public report which captures CRANN's activities and achievements over a two year period, including research highlights, industry engagement, European funding, outreach activities.
Innovating Nanoscience - CRANN Overview (2009)
5.8 MB PDF
Introduction to CRANN, our research areas and broader engagements.

Research and Industry

Delivering for Industry (2012)
4.5 MB PDF
This booklet describes a range of industry engagements which are possible in partnership with CRANN, highlighted using a series of case studies.
Principal Investigators
1.9 MB PDF
Provides biographies of the 18 PIs working with CRANN and their research interests.


N-PCAM Brochure
3.5 MB PDF
Provides an overview of the 4-year undergraduate degree programme, Nanoscience-Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials, in TCD.