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Trinity College Dublin

Education & Outreach

CRANN engages in a broad range of education and outreach activities, with the aim of raising awareness about nanoscience generally, the research activities within the institute, and how nanotechnology is impacting the Irish economy and society generally. We work with all levels of the education system, from the provision of innovative programmes and resources for secondary schools to input into Trinity College Dublin’s undergraduate programme in nanoscience, N-PCAM, to postgraduate training.


Nanoweek brings together a range of events designed to raise public awareness of the world-leading nanoscience research taking place in Ireland, its applications in our everyday lives and the potential of nanotechnology to improve our quality of lives and impact the Irish economy.

School's Programme

CRANN coordinates a number of programmes for school students and teachers, from our 'Nano in My Life' resources for TY teachers, to workshops during Nanoweek, to 'Debating Science Issues' and BTYSTE.

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