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Trinity College Dublin

Education & Outreach

Raising awareness about nanoscience.

What is nanoscience and where can I find it in my life?

How does nanoscience impact the Irish economy?

Free resources for Primary and Secondary school teachers

Any videos I can watch?

School's Programme

<p> &gt; <a href="/Education-Outreach/NanoWOW.aspx">NanoWOW</a> for Primary teachers</p> <p> &gt; <a href="/Education-Outreach/School-s-Programme/Nano-in-My-Life.aspx">Nano in my Life</a> for Secondary teachers</p> <p> &gt; <a href="/Education-Outreach/School-s-Programme/Design-Your-Nano-Gear.aspx">Schools Competition</a></p> <p> &gt; <a href="/Education-Outreach/School-s-Programme/Exploring-Materials.aspx">TY Week</a></p> <p> &gt; <a href="/Education-Outreach/School-s-Programme/Debating-Science-Issues.aspx">Debating Science Issues</a></p>


> Nanoweek

> Prof Coleman on graphene at TEDx

> Researchers Night

The World's Smallest Shamrock

Image Gallery